One Of The Best Trained German Shepherds You’ll Ever See

“If you haven’t seen this dog before, you’re in for a treat”

This German shepherd is very well trained. Over 38 million people have enjoyed watching the dog show off its flawless obedience skills and now you can, too.

The dog’s amazing talent didn’t happen overnight. The dog and its owner, a professional trainer, share a very special bond and have spent countless hours working together and practicing often.

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The dog is very attentive and follows his owner’s every move. No distractions, such as the gunshot heard in this video, can capture the dog’s attention, or cause him to leave his owner’s side.

As they work through their routine, watch carefully as the loyal dog gazes up at his owner, ever observant, just waiting for the next command from his master. The dog is unwavering in his attention and then executes the next command as soon as it’s issued.

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They run together but as soon as the owner says, “Stay,” the dog stops in his tracks. He doesn’t move until he’s released then races right back to his owner’s side, where once again, he begins watching him.

Next, his owner throws a wood competition dumbbell but the dog doesn’t move. Even with the dog’s high drive, he continues to wait for his human to say the word, “fetch.” Only then does he race to retrieve the dumbbell before handing it back on the command “Let go”.

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The dog also has amazing discipline and confidence. He’s athletic, agile, and can perform many more tricks. For instance, he leaps over a tall obstacle to fetch the dumbbell with ease and then returns with it.

The dog made that obstacle look so easy. But next, he tackles an ever bigger one, the A-Frame. Of course, he scales it with the ease of an elite canine athlete to the delight of everyone watching.

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It’s not every day that you get to see such an obedient dog and remarkable athlete perform like this. They are truly amazing and very impressive. We hope you enjoyed watching them demonstrate just some of their skills.

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