K9 Jett Retires Soon, but His Skills Remain Sharp

“After a long career fighting crime, this K9 is getting ready to retire but first, he gets to go on TV to show off a little”

K9 Jett may be retiring soon but that doesn’t stop him from showing that he’s still got it.

Jett and his handler, Officer Thomas Lazure, have been together since 2011. Jett is originally from Czechoslovakia and has loyally served alongside Officer Lazure but now he’s getting ready to retire.

When Officer Lazure initially got paired up with Jett, the K9 already knew how to bite and track people. So, the two attended a 9-week K9 academy to learn how to communicate and understand each other. And they’ve been best friends ever since.

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Jett has had many accomplishments in his career, including his first find with Officer Lazure, which saved a suicidal teenager’s life. The teen was upset that her parents were getting a divorce and had run away into the woods. She overdosed on pills but was found in time to save her life thanks to Jett.

But that’s not the only life he’s saved. He’s saved the life of Officer Lazure as well as many other officers at the department. Officer Lazure gives him credit for saving many lives but one notable was when he apprehended a robber stuck in traffic.

On this day though, Jett isn’t out saving lives. Instead, he’s visiting the set of Pickler & Ben, a multi-segmented lifestyle talk show filmed in Nashville. The show is hosted by Kellie Pickler and journalist Ben Aaron.

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On the show, they’re giving Jett a chance to show off some of his skills before his retirement. On the set, Jett is showing the world that even though he’s getting ready to retire, he hasn’t lost his drive.

He still loves to work and would gladly search the audience to apprehend a criminal, if only Officer Lazure would give him a chance to bite someone before they go…

Jett follows all his commands like the pro he is and even shows how much self-control he has by not snatching his ball until Officer Lazure tells him he can have it. Jett is such a good boy, and we thank him for his service and wish him a happy retirement.

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All police K9s deserve respect and appreciation. Each day, they risk their lives to protect the officers serving our communities and keep the public safe. Without them, there would be a lot more drugs, criminals, and unsafe people.

Thank you for your service, Officer Jett. We hope you enjoyed this video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.