Meet The German Shepherd Who Can’t Stop Spoiling His New Feline Friend

“Anya the German shepherd lives to help out however she can, and that includes welcoming a stray kitten into their home.”

This busy German shepherd loves doing household chores, but her favorite thing is carrying the new kitten’s cat toys.

German shepherds are working dogs so it’s not unusual for them to find things to do to keep themselves busy. They love to have a job. It gives them purpose, but this dog’s jobs are a little different than most.

Anya the German shepherd’s mom was more than surprised when her sweet dog started helping around the house. It began with her taking the laundry out of the dryer and handing it to her mom. She then started tidying things up and even helped to unload the dishwasher.

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After that, she’d just start doing whatever she could to help her mom out. If someone dropped something, she’d pick it right up. When mom needs help carrying the groceries inside, it’s no problem because Anya does that, too.

Like most German shepherds, Anya wants to be with her mom all the time and watch what she is doing. But she’s unique because she loves to chip in and help however she can. But her instinct to be a helper doesn’t stop there.

One day when her mom and dad were at the car wash, they discovered a tiny, homeless kitten. Unable to leave the helpless kitty behind, they took the kitten home and made her a little home in their basement.

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The kitten named Munchie had never been in a home before and was scared. So, they gave Munchie some space and waited for her to get more comfortable. But Anya wanted to help the kitty so she parked herself right outside the pet door, where she could watch the kitten.

Anya couldn’t wait to meet Munchie. Then the day finally came that Anya was allowed to meet her through her kitty crate. Once they were both more comfortable, they let them meet face-to-face.

It seemed Anya’s new job was to help Munchie become part of the family. Soon, she was playing with the kitten and carrying her toys around for her. Anya was like a guardian angel to the tiny kitty and now the two are best friends.

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We are so happy that Munchie was found and got such a wonderful home. Anya is such a good girl and so great with her. We hope you enjoyed their sweet video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.