K9 Red Takes a Bite Out of Crime: The Capture of a Dangerous Fugitive

“Even though it was the first bite of his career, the K9 delivered it like the pro he is”

There are times in life when violent crime seems so senseless. Such as when these three men decided to kill someone to steal the victim’s car.

Two of the young men were in jail for another crime yet a third, named Nassan Bacon, was still on the loose. When the crime happened, the police were already searching for Bacon due to previous charges of aggravated battery with a firearm and aggravated assault with a firearm.

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It wasn’t long before it was reported that Bacon was seen purchasing a 60-round Ak-47 magazine at a Gun Store in the New Smyrna area. So, police and detectives quickly searched the area and spotted Bacon with two other people in a car on Dimmick Street.

They quickly created a perimeter around the unsuspecting Bacon determined not to let him get away. Not surprisingly, when Bacon realized what was happening, he made a run for it and eventually hid behind a house on Palm Street.

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That was when Deputy Whitson and K9 Red entered the scene. The pair tracked Bacon to his hiding spot behind an old washer and dryer. Unfortunately for him, Bacon wasn’t yet ready to surrender.

K9 Red loves his job hunting bad guys so he was happy to help take Bacon into custody. The dog had no trouble finding Bacon yet his handler knew Bacon was armed and dangerous and a risk to fellow officers and K9 Red.

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But the danger didn’t stop Red. Behind the old appliances, he flew and that’s where he gave Bacon a bite in the leg, the first one of his career. It’s about that time that Bacon seemed to regret his decision to not surrender when he had the chance.

Every day, law enforcement and their K9s face dangers, just like this one. But that doesn’t stop them from protecting and serving the communities they love.

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For their efforts, John Torres, 22, Isaiah Thomas, 21, and Nassan Bacon, 22, were all indicted in the death of a man who was shot on May 22 and later died of his injuries after a carjacking attempt at Florida Technical College.

We thank the officers and K9 Red for their service. We hope you enjoyed watching Red take his first bite out of crime. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.