Police K9 Jedi Helps Capture Escaped Inmate in Washington State

“The guy didn’t have a chance with K9 Jedi searching for him”

When Giovanni Deshawn Herrin escaped on his way to Kent County Jail, he probably wasn’t expecting to be taken down by a police K9.

Seattle Police Officer Anthony Ducre received a call to an industrial area in Kent, Washington to assist the Kent Police Department with their search for an inmate that escaped from Kent County Jail.

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This wasn’t the inmate’s first escape and it was believed that this time he may be hiding in an industrial warehouse. So, Officer Ducre began searching with the other officers but he had with him the best partner for the job.

K9 Jedi was on the scene and excited to get to work to find the offender. So, after a quick introduction of the dog to the other officers on the scene, K9 Jedi was ready to get to work and didn’t waste any time looking for the bad guy.

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The inmate was warned over and over that the K9 was on the scene. He had plenty of opportunity to give himself up but not surprisingly, that didn’t happen.

As the dog searched the giant warehouse, the officers also looked. There were many places that Herrin could hide but he wasn’t going to get past K9 Jedi’s skilled nose.

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And then it happened, K9 Jedi finds the suspect hiding inside a covered boat. He quickly alerts his fellow officers and tries to jump on and climb into the boat. It was then that Herrin decided to surrender.

Herrin was taken into custody and because he gave up, didn’t receive a bite from Jedi. This time, Herrin was smart enough to follow commands rather than risk a further encounter with a trained police dog.

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According to reports,

“Less than two months after this incident, Herrin was arrested and charged with the murder of Karyme Barreto-Sabalza, his girlfriend of a few months. Herrin was accused of luring Barreto-Sabalza into a wooded area of a Kent park on June 16, 2018, shooting her once in the head at close range, taking her purse and cell phone, and then using her car to take himself to an ATM, where he helped himself to money from her bank account.”

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“Not long after his murder arrest, Herrin was secured to a hospital bed in the emergency room of Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center. It was the third time in a row Herrin had complained of feeling ill due to bad drugs he allegedly ingested behind bars, and two corrections officers were assigned to keep watch over the alleged murderer.”

“According to an incident report, when one guard went to use the restroom and the other “became distracted for approximately 10 to 15 seconds,” the then-19-year-old escaped from his restraints and left the hospital. The escape ended when two officers from King County Jail located Herrin on Eighth Avenue and Yesler Way and shot Herrin in the shoulder. Herrin is currently a resident of King County Correctional Facility on charges of homicide, attempt to elude, first-degree murder, escape, robbery, theft, and criminal trespass.”

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