Loving German Shepherd Decides He’s A Lifeguard

“The way he worries over the kid’s safety will warm your heart”

German shepherds are one of the most protective dog breeds in the world. They will go to great lengths to protect their family from anything they perceive as dangerous, even the backyard pool.

They also make wonderful family pets and are excellent with kids. Children growing up in a home with a German shepherd will always have a loyal friend watching their back.

Zeus the German shepherd is no exception. Zeus loves his family and that means, when the kids are in the pool, he’s their self-appointed lifeguard.

In this video, while the kids are having fun swimming, Zeus stands sentry at the side of the pool. He’s carefully watching over three kids to make sure they are all safe and sound. He’s not about to let anything happen to them on his watch.

Suddenly, when one of the kids wearing a snorkel puts his face in the water longer than what Zeus finds comfortable, he begins to bark at the side of the pool. Zeus starts to get nervous as if he knows the child can’t hold his breath that long.

Zeus never stops watching until the kid’s face is out of the water. When he swims to the side of the pool, then sweet Zeus gives him some kisses. After that, it’s almost as if you can hear Zeus breathe a doggy sigh of relief.

Only then does Zeus rush over the adults who are of course also watching. It’s as if Zeus is telling them, “Everything is okay, I’ve got it under control.”

Zeus is the sweetest dog and such a good boy. These kids are so lucky to have him watching their every move. Since he can also swim, he’d probably jump right in the water if he thought he needed to.

German shepherds are so amazing. Watching how much Zeus loves his family will warm your heart. We hope you enjoy his video. Please feel free to share how special he is with your friends.