Proof German Shepherds Are Not Scary

“Deep down, most German shepherds are just big softies with lots of love to give”

Do people find your German shepherd intimidating? Do they cross the street when they see you coming or act scared when you show up at the vet?

If so, show them this cute video from Jade the Sable GSD that proves German Shepherds aren’t replicas of the big bad wolf.

Since German shepherds are often associated with law enforcement and the military, some people find them frightening. Couple that with their appearance, aloof personality, and their protective nature, it’s easy to see why.

Jade The Sable GSD

And, even though some German shepherds seem to enjoy living up to their fierce reputation, deep down, most of them are just big softies. Like the Jade, Jet, and Jasper in this video, for example.

The video begins with a big goofy German shepherd grin and then it’s off to see how adorable the dogs are as they sleep. Without a care in the world, they sprawl out of their beds, sometimes spread eagle or with their tongue sticking out.

They also show you what friends are for and are always there to offer some comfort in times of trouble. Like this sweet pup offering a shoulder to lean on when it’s time to do something highly unpleasant, like take a shower.

Jade The Sable GSD

German shepherds also love to be as close to their humans and each other as possible. They’ll always be by your side in sickness and in health. As long as they are with their family, all is right in their world.

They also like to act goofy and each one has their unique personality. They’re not scared of much, except maybe the monster vacuum, like these pups. Or, making they’re just faking it to give their owner something to laugh at.

All three dogs are super cute and sweet. And, even though the frog in this video was probably scared for its life, the dogs just want to have fun. And, not even raw feeding transforms them into fierce beasts.

Jade The Sable GSD

German shepherds are certainly one of the most misunderstood breeds. There is no doubt that they do require a lot of socialization, training, and respect. But, they are some of the most loyal and loving dogs on the planet.

German shepherds are just the best, don’t you agree? If so, please feel free to share this video with your friends and anyone you know who is afraid of these great dogs.