San Diego Sheriff’s K9 Takes Down A Suspect In This Viral Video

“Bo didn’t care what the suspect did to him, he was not about to let the man go”

Police K9s are some of the hardest working officers on the force. Every day, they risk their lives to keep the public, as well as police officers safe. They tirelessly track down criminals, detect drugs, and even help find the lost.

They are highly trained and invaluable to the departments that they serve. They are experts in apprehension, trustworthy when they bite and detain dangerous suspects, used for narcotics and explosive detection, evidence discovery, search, and rescue, and patrol our airports, borders, and more.

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Every year, brave K9s head off to work alongside their partners and perform their duties, doing whatever it takes to get the job done. These brave dogs put their lives on the line to protect and serve.  And sometimes they are injured and even killed in the line of duty.

Watching them work is an awesome privilege and sometimes their most impressive actions are caught on video. Take this viral video of a sheriff’s K9 taking down a suspect in City Heights San Diego after a police chase, for example.

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A car finally comes to a stop on the 15 Freeway. Suddenly, a Belgian Malinois named Bo hurls himself through the car’s window while glass is breaking to ensure the suspect doesn’t escape. It doesn’t take long before the suspect decides that he’s no match for the dog.

The car down opens, and the suspect gets out. All the while he repeatedly hits the dog with an umbrella but the Bo refuses to let go. His training kicked in and he executed his job perfectly, stopping a dangerous crime spree.

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Bo is 5 years old and has gone through years of training to perform so perfectly. He specializes in narcotics, suspect apprehensive, and officer protection. He goes 100 miles an hour all day long and loves what he does, as you can tell from his wagging tail when he has his suspect by the arm.

Bo is a star in the department. He works as hard as a human officer and bravely puts his life on the line every day. Side by side he will serve with his handler until his retirement in about 5 years.

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We hope you enjoyed watching this video of Sheriff Bo in action. He’s certainly an impressive dog as he performs exactly as he was trained to do – protect and serve. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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