Soldier Adopts The Injured War Dog That Saved His Life

“Despite being shot four times, she still managed to take down the enemy and save her team”

When K9 Layka was shot while serving in Afghanistan, her handler knew he’d do all he could to save her.

When Staff Sergeant Julian McDonald asked Layka to enter a building with him, he had no idea she would be shot four times at point-blank range. Despite her injuries, she still managed to attack and subdue the shooter, saving Sergeant McDonald and the other members of the team.

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At first, Sergeant McDonald felt guilty for asking Layka to enter the building. But eventually, the guilt grew into gratefulness that he and his team were still alive. Now, he feels he owes her everything for saving his life.

He was determined to help Layka survive her injuries and eventually adopt her. Even though her injuries were serious, and she lost a leg, he did eventually adopt her, took her home, and helped her adapt to her new life with his family.

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Layka deserves a great life and more for her service and sacrifice. Sergeant McDonald does all he can to help her. Each week he takes her to train where she can work, practice her bite, and look for explosives, just like in the old days.

But once back at home, Layka has learned to become a family companion. There, she doesn’t have to work for tennis balls and is even the playmate to her new little brother, Sergeant McDonald’s son.

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Sergeant McDonald attributes this to her ability to adjust and adapt, just like all soldiers must do. Before he took her home, he was told it was a bad idea, she was too aggressive. But Sergeant McDonald’s believed Layka deserved to live, and he was willing to give her a chance.
About war dogs, he said, “They’re not scary. They’ve done scary things, but they deserve homes, and they deserve a good home.”

Because he didn’t give up on her, this brave war dog not only survived, but she is also thriving in her new life. All military dogs deserve appreciation and respect for their service and sacrifice and we’re glad Layka survived her injuries.

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We hope you enjoyed watching this survival story. Thank you for your service K9 Layka and Sergeant McDonald. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.