Moxie The German Shepherd Loves To Ride Motorcycles

“Her special “copilot” seat is adorably cool”

Many German shepherds like to go for a ride.  But this daring girl rides on the back of a motorcycle, not a sidecar or trailer.

Moxie is one adventurous German shepherd. Not only does she love to ride, but she does it from the back of a motorcycle.

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When her mom, Jess Stone, pulls out her turquoise bike, rescue dog Moxie is ready to hit the trail. Jess helps her up onto her special “Copilot Moxie” reinforced seat on the back of the bike where she lays down, facing forward. 

But before they take off, it’s safety first. Moxie gets strapped in. Then, in the final step, she puts on her red Doggles to protect Moxie’s eyes.

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Once Jess has her helmet on, it’s time to ride. Mom gets on and away they go…but why?

Moxie and Jess are riding around the world with Moxie on the back of her motorcycle to raise $100K for women’s empowerment and gender equality.

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“It’s my way to Live Extraordinary Together with my pack every day – and that’s what RUFFLY is all about. Jess says,

So, however, you do it – walk, bike, hike, kayak, or stroll – if you’re also on a journey to live extraordinarily together and become the most vibrant, colorful version of yourself, then you’re one of us and I hope you feel at home here!”

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Jess has a website called in case you want to purchase your own K9 Moto Cockpit or any other adventure-worthy doggy swag or just donate to her cause.

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