Working German Shepherd Balances New Puppies And Her Job

“This sweet momma is amazing at her job and with her new litter”
Minnie is a working girl but that didn’t stop her from having a family of her own.

Minnie the German Shepherd is a new mom to three adorable puppies. And, she’s doing great despite having her paws full. You see, Minnie is not just a mother, she also has a very important job.

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Minnie works as a teacher alongside her owner. She specializes in helping dogs with behavior problems. Because she’s such a confident girl, she knows how to lead and keep other dogs in line. She can show them what good behavior looks like.

Despite her strong work ethic, Minnie is a little distracted. She is torn between her job and her three sweet puppies, Riley, Bo, and Sawyer. And, who can blame her? The puppies are super cute.

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The puppies have tiny ears and are mostly black. Someday in the future, they will have some big paws to fill because they’ll also grow up and have jobs of their own.  They’re already in school and learning the ropes from their mom.

At four weeks old, the puppies are learning to come when called.  Riley and Bo are food motivated and already getting the hang of it. But Sawyer moves to the beat of his drum and would rather explore the room.

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At nine weeks old, they have a big day in store. They will be introduced to water for the first time. They are going to learn how to swim. But don’t worry, they’ll be wearing life vests and mom will be watching out for them. Hilariously, Sawyer can’t wander off this time because his life vest is holding him back.

At a year old, the puppies are grown up. Surprisingly, the independent Sawyer followed in his mom’s paw prints and is now helping dogs with behavior problems, just like his mom. However, he’s a little more vocal and less patient than his mother. He doesn’t tolerate bad doggy manners.

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Sawyer also has a very special job. He’s been assigned to babysit a litter of four future service dog puppies who have arrived at the training center. Sawyer takes his job seriously and even tucks his tiny puppies into bed.

This video is super cute and we hope you enjoyed watching these smart puppies grow up. Minnie is an amazing dog, too. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.