The Ultimate Dog Prank That Never Gets Old

“This dogs reaction is hysterical”

It’s been viewed about 15 million times, but this ultimate dog tease video never gets old.

Canadian actor and comedian Andrew Grantham, creator of the Ultimate Dog Tease video, owns the most expressive dog in the world.

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Clark Griswold, the star of the video, is a Dutch shepherd mix who reacts to his owner playing the ultimate prank on him. His earnest expressions over being teased about bacon, chicken, and cat treats remain hilarious no matter how many times it’s watched.

In the video, Clark is getting tortured over the offer of scrumptious treats by his owner, Andrew. The rescue pup’s sweet expressions are priceless while Andrew performs the voice-over for Clark.

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While you watch, it’s hard not to believe that the dialog is exactly what Clark would say, if only he could talk. Andrew created the video for fun but has since done many more and does voice-overs for other people’s pets, too.

The video has been shared all over the world, including Good Morning America. Clark even has his own Facebook page, Clark G the Dog where you can see plenty of pictures and visit his online store.

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Andrew has put the Clark stardom to good use. The proceeds he earns from his t-shirts, hoodies, and pillowcases go to the Halifax SPCA to help with animal cruelty investigations in Nova Scotia.

“The SPCA in Nova Scotia received more than 18,000 cruelty complaints this year alone. As a result, more than 1,500 animals were seized, accounting for 30 percent of all animals brought to the SPCA in Nova Scotia this year.”

Facebook | Clark G the Dog

The director of the SPCA, Diane MacDougall, said:

“Andrew came to us at the SPCA looking to give back to help the animals in Nova Scotia in some way,” MacDougall said. “Someone like Andrew helps us to do that work. Without him, we wouldn’t be able to continue.”

Facebook | Clark G the Dog

Grantham is almost shy talking about the success of the video and the good it has done for the SPCA.

“Well, I knew that the SPCA deals with many cases of animals who need help,” Grantham said. “Pretty much they are the go-to people of all these animals in need. I thought if I am to support anyone it should be these folks.”

Facebook | Clark G the Dog

Such a fun video for such a great cause. We hope you enjoyed watching Clark. As always, feel free to share with your friends.

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