What It’s Like To Work With A Police K9 Every Day

“Creed is such a cool dog”

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to work along a police K9? Here is a glimpse into how K9 Creed spends his day.

A K9 always needs to keep their skills sharp. When they’re not working, they are often training alongside their partner.

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On this day, K9 Creed is going to practice some of his training. So, his partner takes him to a random location so that she can get some training time in.

She starts by leaving Creed in the police cruiser while she hides in the woods. On her way to hide, she even drops a cookie to see if Creed will ignore it and eat it on his way to find her.

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Once she’s hidden, she opens the car door open with the remote door popper. Creed rushes out and runs toward the woods. He’s going to have to find her with his nose, which of course he does in no time.

Next, they practice his protection skills. The officer is under a fake attack. So, she pops Creed’s door open, and he races in to protect her from the decoy who is on top of her. He’s such a good dog, he always has her back. So far, he’s found her in the woods and saved her from a violent attack-all in one day.

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Their day typically starts with Creed waking her up in the morning. Followed by a dip in the pool and then it’s time to get ready for work. Off they go to the department where Creed likes to say good morning to the chief.

Some of his days also include practicing looking for drugs and sharpening his search skills. When he’s off work, he can be found hanging out with his fellow officer friends and eating the chief’s donuts.

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Creed is a super dog and brave K9. Highly trained, he is there to protect his partner and the community from crime. Thank you for your service, Creed.

If you would like to see more of Creed and Andrea check out their TikTok: andrea.n.k9creed

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