6-Week-Old German Shepherd Puppies Go For Their First Walk In The Forest With Mom

“All 7 puppies are adorable and act like they’ve been in the forest many times before”

At six weeks old, these seven German shepherd puppies are ready for adventure. It’s their first big outing with mom and they couldn’t be more excited or in a more beautiful place to experience it.

Tizi and her puppies are out for a walk through a forest in Maine. This is the first big adventure for the adorable puppies and they are super excited to get to follow mom through the woods rather than being left behind at home.

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Tizi is excited too and seems to be enjoying leading her pups on this forest exploration. The puppies are curious and ready to see what is ahead of them on the trail.  They show no fear of the forest and charge after their mother, into the woods.

But right away they face their first obstacle, a downed tree. How will the puppies react to this new situation that is separating them from following their mom down the path?

Their mom easily leaped over the moss-covered log, but the puppies are too little and cried out to her. She returns to them and encourages them to follow her. Since they’re so smart, they quickly realize they can overcome the challenge by going around or through a space under the log.

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Happily, all puppies make it past and follow after their mother. They are so excited by this that it’s almost as if they high-fived each other. They run through the snow and leaves, all the while following mom while she leads the way in German shepherd style.

Mom is obviously proud of all her puppies.  And, she should be. They are all gorgeous pups filled with confidence. Their mom and owner have done a great job with them and they will make wonderful pets one day.

As they continue on their walk, all of the puppies are having a great time. They don’t have a care in the world and are all about playing with their fur and human mom, rolling in the foliage, and sniffing everything that they can.

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They act as though they’ve been out exploring the woods many times. They don’t seem bothered by this new experience at all. They are simply the cutest and a great representation of their breed.

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