Father Trains German Shepherd To Supervise Daughter Doing Homework

“To make sure his daughter finishes her homework, he trained the family dog to watch her so she doesn’t get distracted by her phone”

Dogs make great playmates and guardians for kids. Knowing that a good dog always has your kid’s back is priceless. But what if you could train your dog to do more than just hang out with your child?

In the case of this dad from the Guizhou Province in China, he trained the family dog to supervise his daughter doing her homework. To make sure that she finishes it, their white German shepherd is right there watching her do her homework every day.

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Xu Liang started training their dog, Riceball when she was young. It started with teaching her how to guard food from the cat. From there, they went on to other things. Until one day he had the idea to teach the dog to supervise his daughter while she did her homework.

His daughter was misbehaving and not doing her schoolwork. Wanting her to get good grades, dad enlisted Riceball’s help. With Riceball on the job, his daughter is no longer distracted by her phone and can concentrate easier.

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According to his daughter Xu Xinya, having Riceball there while she does her homework is helpful. Even though Riceball isn’t a teacher, it still helps that the adorable dog is there to supervise her.

She went on to say that she used to get bored doing her homework, which would lead to her getting sidetracked. But with Riceball watching her, she no longer feels alone and doesn’t get so distracted.

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Riceball takes the job very seriously, too. The dog is right there watching Xu Xinya’s every move. She doesn’t miss a thing and even perches on the desk so she can get a close look. With Riceball on the job, Xu Xinya can no longer get into any mischief.

Riceball is doing such a great job as homework supervisor, that the dog’s responsibilities have expanded to piano lesson supervisor. But no worries, it’s not all work for these two. They have lots of fun and playtime together, too.

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We hope you enjoyed this adorable video about Riceball and Xu Xinya. We wonder what these two will be up to in the future. As always, please feel free to share with your friends

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