9-Week-Old Puppy Shows Off Her Basic Obedience Skills

“Check out this smart pup knocking it out of the park”

German shepherd puppies are very smart and love learning new things. In fact, they are so clever and eager to please, that they can start basic training the day you bring them home. This early training helps build their confidence and strengthens their bond with you, too.

If you’re wondering what to teach a puppy, check out this adorable 9-week-old German shepherd practicing some basic obedience…

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In this video, Jenny is practicing her sit, stay, come, down, shake, wait, and high five commands. The young pup clearly has the concept of each command down and is happy to practice them. Her confirmation isn’t perfect at such a young age, but she’s doing an awesome job!

Her owner asks her to sit, and she sits, then gets a treat. She stays when asked, even when her own walks a few feet away. The puppy never takes her eyes off her handler and eagerly awaits more fun commands and treats.

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She goes through several repetitions, getting lots of praise for each one. Jenny even shows off how clever she is when she shakes and then gives her owner a high five. She is so cute and sure of herself when she does them right that it’s adorable to watch.

In the video, she is also learning to wait, which teaches her impulse control. Jenny is waiting for her treat and quickly gets that concept, too. This is followed by more repetitions of her shake, high five, sit, and wait commands.

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The puppy has great focus and has a little surprise up her paw…she also knows the down command! Such a good girl. There seems to be no end to what she can grasp at such a young age and is sure to be a rock star when she’s a little older.

Repetition and positive reinforcements are key to training young puppies. They respond well and are so happy to work hard to please you. Investing in training at such a young age is important but so is plenty of fun and playtime, too..

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We hope you enjoy this impressive video of Jenny’s training. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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