3 German Shepherds Taste Test Food

“There is clearly a favorite food in this hilarious video”

German shepherds can be picky eaters and each one is very different. What one dog loves, another might refuse to eat. Since they are so smart, they will try to train their owners to only feed them what they love.

These three pups are living the dream, though. Their owner is letting them taste-test foods. Soon it will be clear exactly what foods they like and which ones are simply ‘meh.’ So, what foods do they get to try?

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No surprise, the fried egg is a hit. The puppy takes a bit longer to figure out how to eat it but soon enough it is down the hatch.


No egg should be fed alone so the next obvious choice is ham. We guess they all liked the ham because it vanished in unison as soon as it hit their air.

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What goes best with eggs and ham? Cheese, of course. Now we’ve got one ingredient at a time, a doggy omelet. Did they like it? It vanished almost as fast as the ham so that’s an affirmative.


What better way to cleanse the pallet than with some fresh lemon? Their faces say, this is a joke, right? Big fail here.

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Every big, strong doggo needs their greens, right? Apparently, in this pack, only one does because the other two are definitely not interested in asparagus and will even let it be eaten by the health-conscious canine.


All good dogs know that an apple a day keeps the veterinarian away. But only the health-conscious pup is going to eat the fruit. The other two give a big “heck no.”

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Green bean

Everyone likes green beans, right? Wrong, the others try but only one doggo willingly eats the green bean. Can you guess which one?


This is a cruel joke, right? No one like the cranberries…pack gives mom the evil eye. Doubtful this fruit would even pass muster in cranberry sauce.

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We hope you enjoyed watching these three beautiful German shepherd dogs enjoy their culinary adventure. Clearly, the first portion of their taste test was their favorite. Ham was the clear winner with lemon being the obvious loser. Maybe next time steak will be on the menu?

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