Woman Fakes Her Own Death In Front Of 2 Dogs With Hilarious Results

“If saving her were up to these characters, she’d surely be dead”

Have you ever wondered what your dogs would do if you suddenly fainted or even dropped dead?

Well, if your dogs are anything like these two funny pups, you’d be doomed.

Leo the golden retriever and Tiger the German shepherd puppy are chilling out at home when suddenly dog mom theatrically walks into the kitchen, where they’re hanging out, and playfully drops dead on the floor.

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The dogs instantly react, but its probably not how you think they would. Both dogs run to her to check out what’s going on. But, then it’s what happens next that is so funny. Leo simply walks out of the room leaving her to die alone with Tiger.

Tiger being the German shepherd puppy that he is, begins to bite mom’s fingers and revives her with his tiny shark teeth before tackling her. For him, this dying episode is one big, fun game that is hilarious to watch.

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Take 2…

In the next attempt Leo is a little more interested in Mom’s demise. Must be getting close to dinner time because he’s more curious and sniffing things out but if his tail wagging is any indication, he’s not alarmed.  

Tiger is pretty sure mom is a playing chew toy at this point and continues to take some big chops of her. Finally, the situation dissolves with the two adorable dogs enjoying some playtime together, until Tiger begins to bite mom’s hair-can you say, “ouch?”

Mom is clearly on her own at this point.

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Take 3…

The funniest moment on the video is when Tiger stops to pee on the kitchen floor. Apparently, not even the fear of her death can stop nature’s call. Tiger has no regrets and Leo is just over it and is laying on the floor. His expression seems to say, “can you return to normal again, please?  It’s time to eat.”

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