What Sharing Your Bed With Three German Shepherds Is Like

“Do these dogs remind you of sleeping with your own?”

Sleeping with one German shepherd dog is hard enough but this sleep-deprived owner shares her bed with three!

German shepherds are on the larger size so even one dog can take up a lot of space on the bed. But imagine sleeping with three of them??? No way, right?

But, that’s exactly what this owner does and sets up a surveillance video to see just what happens during the night. We’re glad she did because the results are hysterical to see.

YouTube Screenshot

It all starts out cozy enough. Three German shepherds on the right, human on the left. All hunkered down for a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long. Soon enough the dogs are on the move, and it is funny to watch.

First, there are three, then two, then one, then zero German shepherd dogs on the bed. But no worries, soon enough one brave doggo will bark at something going bump in the night and jump up to protect mom.

The other dogs are a little slow to react until one looks out to the window to see what’s going on. The alerting dog gets some pets for being a brave doggo. Seems the other dog knows it is a false alarm and nothing to worry about.

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Soon enough, everyone is back to sleep. One dog on the bed, then two, then one again. These dogs don’t stay in one spot very long. Constantly moving, they play musical dogs all night long. It’s a wonder humans or dogs get any sleep.

One thing is for sure, the dogs like to be comfy and stretch and rearrange themselves all night long. Some snuggle mom, some do a big stretch, but they all do their thing waiting for morning to come.

When it finally does, all three pups are back on the bed making sure mom wakes up to give some pets. Then it’s time for a big stretch, everybody up, let’s go outside, and then eat some breakfast.

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We hope you enjoy this hilarious video. If you’ve slept with one or three dogs you can certainly relate. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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