What It’s Really Like To Own A German Shepherd Dog

“This adorable pup will probably remind you of your own dog”

When you welcome a German shepherd into your home, life will never be the same. These fun and exciting dogs are full of life, love, and plenty of mischief. Owning one is a lot of fun but also a lot of work!

Here’s a glimpse of what it is like to own a German shepherd dog:

As puppies, they are super playful and love their toys. Always busy, they love to chew and run around. They are easily trainable but also mischievous. They never stop moving. But they also are full of love.

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Water, snow, ice, and new adventures will never slow them down. When they are busy, they are happiest. They do require lots of activity as the pup in this video does. She’s a good girl but when she gets bored, she can get a little destructive, can you say, “chew Daddy’s shoe?”

They also love to find things, big sticks, big rocks, big toys, the bigger the better. If you think it’s unusual for a dog to carry a stick 3 times their size, it’s normal for a German shepherd. Need to move a rock for no reason except it’s fun? They’ll do that, too.

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German shepherds are always up for an adventure whether it’s playing fetch in the front yard or hiking in the woods. They love to be active, explore, and sniff new places. Of course, they are happiest when their owners are right by their side.

They like to get wet, get dirty, and then spread the joy. They are truly Velcro dogs so what goes on them, they love to get on you. These super fun pups will share their mud, water, and constant shedding fur with you.

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Loving and companionable, German shepherds are happiest when with their family. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as it is something fun and you’re doing it together. Content to share cuddle time, they like to be active and play all the time.

This is just a glimpse of some of the things German shepherds like to do. These dogs live the motto, “life is fun.” They like to share their zest for life with those they love so you can expect to make lots of memories with your German shepherd dog. .

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