Adorable German Shepherd Puppy Meets Kittens For The First Time

“The way the puppy acts around these kittens is just the sweetest thing ever”

What is cuter than a German shepherd puppy? How about a German shepherd puppy meeting a litter of newborn kittens for the first time?

The red and black German shepherd is the cutest ever. From the cute fuzzy ears to the big puppy paws, the dog is more than adorable. When the little pup trots into the bedroom holding a green octopus softie, it is hard to believe it could get much sweeter.

But then the little pup spots the new kittens with their momma for the first time and drops the toy. The kitties are much more interesting, and the puppy must get closer but is too little to get up on a bed alone.

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No worries, fur mom is there to lend a paw and help the curious pup get a closer look. The puppy sits perched on the edge of the bed, tail wagging back and forth, clearly enthralled with the new editions to the family.

Momma kitty is not alarmed over the puppy the two are friends. She shows off her nursing kittens while the puppy gets a closer look at the little fluffballs. The pup walks around the bed, so gentle around the babies.

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Then finally lays down next to the cats to get a closer sniff. Playing kissing and nibbling the mother, they are so cute. Fur mom finally lifts a kitten and holds it up to the puppy for a closer introduction.

Even at such an early age, the puppy is calm and gentle around the now sleeping kittens. The dog seems happy to just chill on the bed with the kitties, watching over the cats like all good big brother German shepherds do.

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