A Deformed Puppy Discovered On The Side Of The Road Is Rescued

“Even though things seemed bleak, as though the puppy would never walk, the little fighter transformed before our eyes-all thanks to the kind act of a stranger”

After being dumped on the side of the road, a disabled German shepherd puppy is found by someone with a heart of gold.

A kind man was driving down the road when he came upon a young puppy laying in the dirt. The puppy couldn’t move and was crying out for help. The tiny puppy was so weak he couldn’t move, filthy, and covered with fleas.

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The man had no idea how long the puppy was there but he decided to try to save it so he placed it in a cardboard box so that he could take it to the vet at a rescue. The vet examined the dog and found he couldn’t use his front legs due to a deformity, which is why he was unable to walk.

The vet said there are many reasons a deformity like this could happen, for example, genetics, an accident, or even trauma. But one thing he knew for sure, the little puppy, they named Dharma, needed long-term treatment if he’d ever recover.

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So, the little puppy was hospitalized with the hope that he would one day overcome the odds against him. He was given his first bath to remove the sand and fleas. Which was the first of many steps to nurse him back to health.

Amazingly, although the puppy couldn’t walk, he kept trying. As he got stronger, the staff worked with him by giving him passive exercises to help him become more mobile. He also received medication but just as important, he was shown love.

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After two quick weeks, Dharma began to stand on his own. As each day passed he got stronger and stronger. The little guy never stopped fighting to get better and his caretakers never stopped trying to help him.

Eventually, he began to take his first wobbly steps and even though he’d sometimes fall, the puppy never gave up. Then after four weeks of intensive care, the adorable puppy began to walk on his own!

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Thanks to the kindness of a stranger and his veterinary team, this sweet puppy was given a second chance and will no doubt show his thanks a thousand times over. He certainly has a huge will to live and an equally huge heart to love with.

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We hope you enjoyed this rescue story. You never know how a small act of kindness can help save a life, as this one did. Even though things seemed bleak, the puppy truly transformed before our eyes. As always, please share with your friends.

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