The German Shepherd That Will Never Be Bigger Than A Puppy

“At two years old and only fifteen pounds, this little guy doesn’t let his tiny size slow him down”

He has a big dog personality tucked inside an adorable little German shepherd’s body.

Ranger was just a wee puppy when his family brought him home. At first, he seemed normal and had all the confidence and rambunctiousness of most German shepherd pups. But soon they realized there was something different about the little guy.

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Ranger was super cute, with long fluffy fur. But his family noticed that he just wasn’t getting any bigger. Since he was the runt of the litter, initially they thought he must just be growing slow. Then they decided that maybe his puppy parasites caused him some growth delays.

But it wasn’t long before they realized that his tiny size truly wasn’t getting any bigger. So, they took him to the vet. He was referred to some specialists who took one look at him and suggested that Ranger was a dwarf.

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It was a scary diagnosis for his family to hear. But they loved their tiny fluff ball and took him home. They raised him as normal as they could, and he behaved as though he was a normal puppy.

But some things were not normal. Not only was he super small, but he also never lost his cute puppy coat. And, then shockingly, all his fur fell out, leaving him almost bald. It was then they discovered he had a thyroid problem and needed medication.

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But his health problems don’t slow him down. Despite his tiny size, Ranger has a huge German shepherd heart. He loves to do all the things the big dogs do. With the exception that his family must lift him onto the bed.

He runs and plays like a normal-sized dog but at two years old, is about the size of a cat at around fifteen pounds. He knows how to use his tiny size to get what he wants, too. His family is certainly wrapped around his tiny paws.

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Due to his genetic condition, Ranger will never grow any bigger and could be prone to health problems. But now that his thyroid condition is under control, he’s a healthy and happy dog that loves to play.

He is the cutest guy and so lucky to have a family that loves him so much. We hope that he continues to do well and lives a long, healthy life. As always, please share his adorable video with your friends.

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