Puppy Survives Crushed Skull And Goes On To Live His Best Life

“He may look a little different but that’s just what makes him so special”

Despite his unusual snoot, precious boy Brodie is living his best life.

Brodie was born in a rescue shelter to a 10-month-old stray dog. His mother was too young to be having puppies and when Brodie was just thirteen days old, the traumatized momma dog bit him in the head.

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The bite crushed his skull, blinded him in one eye, and caused his jaw to partially fuse shut. He somehow survived his injuries, but his head would always remain deformed. Despite his injuries, Brodie never lost his will to live.

He was adopted as a puppy but sadly, was returned to the shelter when he was only seven months old. But despite his harsh beginnings, Brodie remained a happy pup with lots of love to give.

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It seems that all Brodie needed was the right family to share life with and one day his shelter photos melted the right hearts. When they went to meet him in person, they fell in love with Brodie on their first walk.

He went home with his new family that very same day, and they’ve never looked back. Playtime, lots of fun, and plenty of treats were waiting. It was as though they were always meant to be together.

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When Brodie got a little bigger, it became apparent that his injuries caused a skull deformity. Brodie could have had reconstruction surgery, but his injuries don’t prevent him from eating, drinking, or enjoying his life.

He’s perfect just the way he is so his family won’t put him through any more pain. He can now enjoy all the things he loves like snow, cookies, balls, car rides, ice cream, and naps in front of the nice cozy fire.

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But the most important thing in Brodie’s life is the people who love him and have given him so much care. They truly want him to live his best life and are there for him every step of the way.

Brodie may look a little different but that’s just what makes him so special. He’s not looking back. He enjoys every day enjoying life and the people he loves. We hope you enjoyed his story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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