A German Shepherd Puppy That Walks Like A Kangaroo Meets His New Best Friend

“Despite his limitations, the special puppy had tons of love to give and the biggest heart, ever”

He said, “the minute Roo entered our shelter, I was already in love.”

Roo was born with two deformed front legs but that didn’t slow him down. The lively pup was full of energy and had lots of love to give. But his overwhelmed owners said they were in over their heads and gave him to the shelter.

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Since the shelter employee was already smitten with the puppy, he decided to foster Roo and took him home. Roo was happy to be there and was soon acting like a typical German shepherd puppy. Which meant he was playful, goofy, and annoying when he got into everything.

Despite his limitations, Roo sped around the house and liked to play with the other dogs. His foster bought him a vest to help him be more stable on his feet and then began to search for the perfect home.

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He was also fast on the sand when he visited the beach and super smart. He liked adventure and was a curious fun-loving puppy that would make the perfect companion for the right family. Now all he had to do was find one, so they placed him up for adoption.

When his new mom saw him bouncing like a kangaroo for the first time, she knew he was meant for her. She couldn’t wait to bring him home where he’d have tons of room to run and play with the help of his future wheelchair.

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He joined a family of three other dogs, including a blind dog named Duffy. Duffy and Roo clicked right away and had lots in common since they were both special needs. The two were quickly very close friends.

Soon, Roo’s wheelchair arrived, and then there was no stopping him. It didn’t take him long to learn to use it and was soon speeding around the yard, proving to everyone what a smart pup with a huge heart he was.

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His new mom was so happy to have rescued Roo and share her home with him. Despite his special needs, the adorable puppy was just like any other loving German shepherd dog and would surely grow into a loyal companion.

Roo is so smart, has so much spirit, and doesn’t let his disabilities get him down. He’s inspiring to all who see him. We hope he inspires you, too. We hope you enjoyed his story. As always, please share with your friends.

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