German Shepherd Is So Ashamed He Puts Himself In Timeout

“This pup must have been super guilty about what he did because he can’t even show his face”

Does your dog have a tell? This German shepherd does!

Imagine if your dog put itself in timeout when it misbehaved. Like, you didn’t even have to know what they did, and they corrected themself. How cool would that be?

Training would be much easier, that’s for sure. Not to mention, you’d know about any bad behavior, whether you saw it happen or not.

This funny German shepherd is punishing himself after getting into the trash. But when mom got home, he realized his mistake and went into the bedroom and hid his face on the side of the bed.

Rumble Screenshot

Mom is concerned, why is her sweet pup acting this way? She pulls the blanket back, but the dog hides his face by pressing it into the mattress. She even asks Mr. Innocent if he’s okay…

But the funny pupper is not going to look at her. Why? Because he put himself in timeout after getting into the trash!

He obviously knew he was being a naughty boy and decided to hide before mom found out what he did.

But he looks pretty guilty so we’re sure his human knew that something was up. Bet it didn’t take her long to find the evidence, though.

Rumble Screenshot

Many people believe that dogs only live in the moment. But this behavior seems to suggest that this dog feels guilty about what he did. Do you think he felt guilty, was trying to hide from the truth, was afraid he’d get in trouble, or maybe he was trying to distance himself from the mess he made so mom wouldn’t know who did it?

Since he can’t talk, we’ll never know what he was thinking but one thing is for sure, it is impossible to be mad at his sweet face. Hey, maybe that’s why he acted the way he did!

This super cute dog is simply adorable, even if he did dig in the trash. Hopefully, he didn’t leave his human too big of a mess to clean up. There must have been something very tempting in there since he knew he wasn’t supposed to do it.

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