Police Officer Meets His New K9 After His Partner Dies Saving His Life

“Their love was so deep that after Jethro was shot four times, his partner said he would trade places with him if he could”

K9 Jethro was shot four times while protecting his partner during a robbery. Although nothing can replace him, a new K9 was selected and now has a huge legacy to fill.

When this Ohio police officer, Ryan Davis, responded to a call of a robbery at a grocery store, he had no idea that his partner, K9 Jethro, would sacrifice his life to protect him. But tragically when the pair arrived at the store, Jethro was shot four times.

After Jethro was shot, officer Davis frantically called for help. Jethro was rushed to the vet where he heroically fought to survive. Sadly, he lost his battle thirty-six hours later. He was only three years old.

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Officer Davis was devastated by the loss and said he would gladly trade places with Jethro, whom he had raised in his home since he was an eight-week-old puppy. When Jethro turned one and a half, he began his K9 training.

After Jethro’s funeral, his replacement had to be selected. The K94Cops Foundation in Houston introduced Officer Jethro to a dozen dogs to audition for the job. The dogs had huge paws to fill and only three made the final selection.

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A German shepherd named Tuko a skilled apprehender and hardworking dog, a Belgian Malinois named Joker who was very high spirited, and a Belgian Malinois named Cenzo who was especially skilled at tracking.

Even though Jethro can never be replaced, Officer Davis chose Tuko as his new partner because the two shared an immediate bond. Davis has high hopes for Tuko and even though he still misses Jethro, expects him to perform his duties like a “rock star.”

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Police K9s risk their lives every day protecting and serving the public. They deserve all the protection, care, and respect as our human officers do. All too often, they sacrifice their lives and are injured on the job due to the violent act of criminals.

Our hearts go out to Officer Davis and hope that he and Tuko have a long, safe career together. We thank them for their service and appreciate all they do. If you were touched by their story, please share it with your friends.

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