Security Camera Captures Very Concerned Expressions On Guard Dog

“He had no idea his German shepherd would become an Internet sensation when he shared this hysterical video of her”

Owning a home security system offers a lot of peace of mind. One with video surveillance can even capture what’s going on when you’re not at home. But little did this homeowner know, they would record something that would hilariously go viral.

When Joe Corsi installed his home security system, of course, he hoped he’d never need it. However, he included motion detection cameras just in case something did go awry, he’d have it all on video.

Motion detection cameras are great because they can capture the goings on that other cameras might miss and detect movement outside and inside the home while you’re away. All this is recorded and can usually also be watched on your smartphone, in real-time.

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This way, while Joe was at work or out and about, he could easily see what was going on in front of his house and inside his home, also. He could also check in on his dog, Sasha, from time to time.

Soon after his system was installed, one day he was at work and received a notification that his camera was picking up some unexpected motion. He quickly looked at the live feed on the app on his phone to see what was going on.

What he saw next was hilarious.

His German shepherd was sitting on the couch in front of the camera and gazing into it as if she was mesmerized by this strange new thing in her home. He could see her big brown eyes were just staring into the lens with curiosity.

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Joe shared this video over social media and said:

“When your security camera detects some motion and for the sake of confirmation when you take out your mobile to watch the live feed, then what happens? just watch the video.”

As he watched her stare down her nose at the camera, she tilts her head a few times, in that classic German shepherd move that owners know so well. She flicks her gaze around a bit as if she trying to figure it out.

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Then suddenly, Sasha seems to have had enough and jumps off the couch. If we had to guess, she’s busy trying to figure the whole thing out from another angle. No matter what she was doing, the camera captured the most hilarious expressions on her sweet face.

The unexpected video is super funny and since it was so spontaneous, it makes it even more hysterical. We wonder if Sasha has gotten used to the camera by now or if she still looking into it. We hope you enjoyed it. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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