Police Department Free A German Shepherd Who Was Stuck Under A Truck

“Despite his scary ordeal, thankfully Booger is safe and is doing well”

German shepherds are super smart dogs. They are also very curious and can get into sticky situations despite their intelligence like this one did.

When the Lufkin, Texas police department received a call about a dog needing help. They didn’t know what to expect. When they arrived on the scene, nothing could have prepared them for the predicament this German shepherd was in.

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According to officials, at 10:25 a.m. they responded to the 1400 block of Sue Drive where police say the dog, a 2-year-old German Shepherd named Booger, apparently got scared during an overnight storm and climbed into the undercarriage of his owner’s truck.

Luckily his owner, Roger Grimes, realized what happened before trying to move his vehicle the next day when he saw an exhausted Booger’s tail sticking out from under the truck. He couldn’t remove Booger by himself, so he called the police, and the fire department also responded.

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Somehow, during the storm, the German shepherd wedged himself under the truck for protection and got stuck. He was more than stuck. He was wedged above the ground, caught in the metal mechanical workings of the vehicle.

The police felt for the big guy and immediately tried to help him, but the dog wasn’t having it. He snarled and growled, clearly not happy with his painful situation or the officers who were trying to help.

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So that the officers wouldn’t get bit, they had to figure out how to safely muzzle the dog. Animal control was then called to help and had to sedate him. Once that was done, they could get a closer look so they could come up with a plan to free the large dog from the truck.

With one officer on the ground beneath him, and more officers behind, they worked to free the dog’s legs while supporting his body. But he was really stuck, and it wasn’t any easy feat, especially trying to work with a large dog.

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Fortunately, they eventually got Booger’s last paw free and were able to slide him out from under the truck. Once free, he seemed okay but was exhausted and had to recover from his sedation.

We doubt Booger will ever use the truck for a hiding place again and we hope next time, he’s safely inside the house when a storm comes. We’re so thankful he could be safely set free. Please share this story with your friends.

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