German Shepherd Scheduled To Be Euthanized Is Now Living His Best Life

“The shelter labeled him aggressive and untrainable but he proved them all wrong and is now an amazing advocate of the breed”

Cash, a 6-year-old German shepherd, was once scheduled for euthanasia. He was unwanted living in a shelter after being labeled aggressive and untrainable. But today, he’s proving everyone wrong.

When you’re out at the market picking up some groceries, the last thing you expect to see is a German shepherd pushing a grocery cart down the aisle next to you. But if you’re shopping in Cash’s neighborhood, that is a sight you just might see.

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The dog that was once labeled aggressive, was rescued by Isaac Hughes, 55, a service dog trainer. Hughes saw something in Cash and decided to save his life. It proved to be a great move because Cash is amazing.

Not only does Cash push the cart through the store while Hughes picks up his groceries, but he also stands in the checkout line. If he had hands instead of paws, he’d probably unload the cart and pay the cashier, too.

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But Cash’s skills don’t stop there. He is also an athletic balancing master. He can balance on almost anything, including a sign, a bus seat, and a thin rail that is far above the ground which makes us nervous to watch.

The dog that was once called aggressive is also loving all the attention and pets he gets. We’re not sure what happened to Cash that landed him in the shelter with such unkind labels, but today he is a great advocate of the breed and loves people.

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His owner, who also runs a service dog training facility, has obviously worked a lot with Cash and trained him extensively. Even at the age of 6, he’s in great shape and very athletic and confident.

He’s a beautiful dog and we’re so glad he got a second chance at life. It’s such a shame when these smart, wonderful dogs are abandoned and left to be euthanized. It is such a heartbreaking waste of the best dogs around.

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We hope you enjoyed watching Cash as he lives his best life. All because of the kindness of a stranger, he was saved. Please spread rescue awareness by sharing his amazing story.

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