A Stray German Shepherd Drags Woman To Help After Car Accident

“She was unconscious in the woods when the dog found her and began to drag her out of her mangled car and back to the road where she ran her car off”

She was driving too fast on a winding backroad when she lost control. Fishtailing, the next thing she knew, she was flying out the back window.

Angry after an argument with her husband, Shannon Lorio was driving on Dunn Road in South Georgia. Dunn Road, also known as Nascar Road is famous for people driving too fast on it. Shannon knew this but that didn’t stop her that day.

Suddenly, her car fishtailed and she was tossed into the passenger seat before being expelled partially out her back window. When her car stopped, she was half in and half out, laying on the trunk of her car, which was now hidden in the trees.

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When she woke up she had no idea where she was or how long she had been unconscious. What she was aware of was a large presence and breath on her face. As she became more aware, she realized a German shepherd was licking her face.

She passed back out but when she awoke again, the dog was struggling to pull her out through the window and off the truck of the car. He had her by the back of her shirt and was pulling with all his might.

The dog tugged and pulled not giving up when Shannon didn’t have it in her to help. He got her off the car and then drug her to the edge of the road. Shannon then used the dog to help her stand up and it was just in time because a vehicle stopped just before she passed back out.

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The next time she woke up, she was in the hospital and told she had a brain bleed. For a while, she was uncertain if she’d need surgery or not but fortunately, she didn’t have to. She was eventually able to return home to finish her recovery.

The dog that saved her life is a true hero. It turns out he was a stray and was taken to the humane society. He was adopted by a canine search and rescue trainer, Heidy Drawdy, who is now training him to find people in the woods.

He’s doing great in his training and loves to find people. Heidy hopes he will be certified by the end of the year and eventually he will be an urban search and rescue dog. He is so proud of himself and will be sure to save many more lives.

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Without any training, the dog had already saved the life of Shannon, who is so grateful to him. He’s an amazing dog and a stellar example of his breed. We’re so glad he found his way to a search and rescue trainer who will continue to work with him and give him a great home.

We hope you enjoyed this amazing rescue story. If you’re like us, you’ve got to be wondering where the dog came from and where he lived before. We’ll probably never know those answers but one thing is for sure, he was at the right place at the right time the day Shannon needed him.

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