German Shepherd Puppy Is Rescued From Car Wash Dumpster

“Someone threw him into the dumpster like he was trash but thankfully his cries were heard in time”

How anyone could throw an adorable German shepherd puppy into a dumpster like he was trash is unfathomable. But that is exactly what happened. Thankfully, he was found before it was too late.

At the Baywash Car Wash in Tampa Bay, there sits a green dumpster meant for trash. But some scum threw a five-month-old puppy inside and drove away. Luckily, the manager of the car wash heard whining coming from the dumpster and took a look inside.

YouTube Screenshot | Humane Society of Tampa Bay

The manager was surprised to see two little eyes peering back up at him from the bottom of the dumpster. He called animal control, who took the pup to the shelter. The puppy was examined and found to have parasites but was otherwise healthy.

The puppy, that the shelter staff named Carlyle, is getting medical treatment and a lot of love. Thankfully, he was found before the trash service emptied the dumpster into their truck or before the puppy had a heat stroke trapped inside the metal container.

Carlyle is certainly a lucky pup that he was found that day. And despite how cruel the person who threw him inside the dumpster is, certainly he will be adopted into a loving family in the future.

YouTube Screenshot | Humane Society Of Tampa Bay

No matter how horrible what happened to him is, he’s better off without the person who was so cruel and abusive that they could just toss him away like that. There is no excuse for that kind of animal abuse and we hope they get caught and punished for their actions.

Carlyle is an adorable puppy and his story has gotten him lots of media attention. He will be put up for adoption and soon become some lucky person’s best friend. From trash to treasure, this pup will soon be someone’s best friend and protector.

YouTube Screenshot | Humane Society Of Tampa Bay

There is never an excuse for animal abuse and what happened to this puppy is horrifying. We’re so glad that the manager was paying attention and stepped in to help the helpless puppy. Carlyle is sure to have a good life now, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Please share his harrowing story with your friends and let’s help end animal abuse.

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