A White German Shepherd Cuddles With A Baby Goat As If It’s Her Puppy

“This sweet shepherd looks like such a proud momma as she takes care of this tiny baby goat”

German shepherds are loyal and loving. As herding dogs, it’s their job to protect the flock so it should be no surprise that this beautiful white dog appointed herself guardian of a newborn baby goat.

Shadow the white German shepherd is a lovely dog and devoted family member. So, when her owner introduced her to a newborn Pygmy goat, a breed of miniature domestic goat, it was love at first sight.

The tiny baby goat instantly bonded with Shadow. And, Shadow was quick to step up and be a surrogate momma to the baby. The pair are super adorable and it’s hard to imagine anything cuter than the two of them snuggling together on the living room rug.

As Shadow cuddles up with the goat baby, she looks super proud of herself. Like all proud mothers, she’s happy to show off her little baby, which if truth be told, even resembles the white German shepherd dog a bit.

Of course, we all know the dog and goat are not related but the way that Shadow mothers the goat, it’s as if they could be. She cuddles and kisses her baby as if the goat is a puppy rather than a barn animal that will soon be living outdoors.

Their relationship is super sweet and it’s easy to see the love between the two. But, since German shepherds are bred to be herding dogs, it’s in her nature to protect innocent livestock. Shadow is doing what she was bred to do and is so good at it.

This little goat probably doesn’t realize how lucky it is to have a brave German shepherd for its best friend. As the goat grows up, it will have no more loyal friend than Shadow by its side. When it gets a little bigger, the two will surely play and have fun together, too.

We love this adorable video and hope you do, too. It’s not every day you get to see two species interacting like this and when we do, it’s the sweetest thing to watch. This one is extra special, don’t you think? Please feel free to share with your friends.

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