German Shepherd Puppy Meets A Baby Duck For The First Time

“These two are super adorable and the puppy simply can’t resist wanting to play with the duckling”

What could be cuter than a 2-month-old German shepherd puppy? A German shepherd puppy playing with a baby duck, of course.

Like all German shepherd puppies, Rocky is adorable and curious. The super cute little guy is about the sweetest thing around…expect for his new friend, a fuzzy, yellow and gray duckling.

Rocky is meeting the duckling for the first time and the two are clearly checking each other out. The duckling is hanging out in a blue kiddy pool and Rocky is doing his best to get close to the baby duck.

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Rocky circles the duck’s pool, desperate to get nose to beak with the duckling while the duck quacks at the puppy. Rocky is determined to meet his duck friend up close and personal so round and round the pool he goes.

Finally, Rocky can’t stand it anymore and climbs over the side of the pool and is now standing in the tummy deep water. Meanwhile, the duck isn’t so sure about this new turn of events. Is this little guy friend or foe, the duck seems to be wondering.

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But no worries, mom and dad are right there to make sure Rocky’s excitement doesn’t overwhelm the duck. Even in Rocky’s excitement, he is simply curious and trying to make friends with the feathered creature.

Rocky eventually gets out of the pool but he doesn’t give up playing with his duck friend. He keeps circling the pool and trying to get his little mouth on the duckling as the duck swims away.

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The two are super cute and surely there will be more play dates ahead. It’s a good thing they are getting familiar with each other before Rocky gets any bigger because German shepherd puppies grow very fast. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this unlikely friendship. One thing for sure, this baby duck will be the safest bird in town having a German shepherd for a best friend. We hope you enjoyed their adorable story. Please feel free to share with your friends.

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