After Being Left Behind In Ukraine, A German Shepherd Finds Love Again

“His owner fled without him when their village was destroyed, yet he someone managed to survive the bombings”

When the Russian Army invaded Ukraine, the impact didn’t only affect people. Many pets were left behind to roam helpless in the streets as rockets whizzed by and explosions erupted all around them.

The small village of Moshun near Kyiv was annihilated by the Russian Army. Houses and buildings were turned to rubble after fierce battles took place there. The small village is nearly unrecognizable now, yet some people remain.

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A group of rescue workers documenting the destruction was making a video one day when they came upon a large black and brown teddy bear of a German shepherd dog. Some remaining locals said the dog had been abandoned when his owner had to flee and said that his name was Porshik.

The dog had somehow managed to survive the shelling and was now living alone in the rubble. Despite this, when approached, the dog was friendly. He quickly leaned his body into them, raising a paw, clearly asking for help.

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They discovered the dog was about 2 years old, still very young. Although he survived the trauma of war, he was willing to trust people and rolled over into the arms of the rescue workers who found him.

They also learned from some nearby soldiers that they had been feeding Porshik, making sure he didn’t starve to death. It was likely due to their care and concern that the dog survived and was doing so well.

Knowing his owner would never return, the rescuers could not leave the adorable dog behind. So, after feeding him, they loaded him into their tiny car and drove him to their vet where he was examined and given shots.

After a clean bill of health, he was taken to the rescue where he was taught how to be a dog again. He learned to walk on a leash and enjoy the company of other dogs. Porshik embraced this new life and even made a new doggie best friend.

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Porshik is a huge cuddle bug who loves to play and explore. After his story was shared on social media, he soon had a new home. When watching him be so carefree, it’s hard to believe that he endured so many terrible things. Sadly, he’s not alone. Many dogs like him also need help.

We hope you enjoyed Porshik’s amazing survival story. But not only that, we hope you were inspired by his ability to find happiness again. Please share his story to bring awareness to the situation of these dogs.

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