Retired Police K9 Sheds Tears When She’s Reunited With Her Old Handler

“After several years apart, this sweet dog’s eyes well up with tears when she gets to see her friend again”

For many years, this police K9 named Wangwang worked side-by-side with her handler at security checkpoints in Xichuan County in Henan Provence, Central China. She was a sniffer dog and worked hard to protect her country from all manner of crimes.

After serving on the police department for many years, when Wangwang was eight years old she was retired. She was adopted and became a family pet. But, that event also meant that she was separated from the partner she loved and had worked with for many years.

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After her retirement in 2019, she eased into her new life but didn’t forget her days on the police force. Since she can’t communicate her emotions, no one knew how she felt. However, if this video is any indication, she missed her old handler more than anyone realized.

It all happened one day when the handler was patrolling a neighborhood nearby Wangwang’s new home. The officer decided to stop by and visit his K9 partner and make a video of the reunion, which he posted on the Xichuan Police Douyin account, which is the Chinese version of TikTok, in 2021.

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The officer stops outside Wangwang’s home and begins to call to her. But what happens next is guaranteed to melt your heart. Wangwang races out of her home and rushes to her old partner. The sweet K9 is so happy to see him, that she can’t contain her excitement.

When she falls at his feet and rolls over, it’s then you can see that her eyes have welled up with tears. Wangwang is crying, she is so relieved to be able to see her old friend again that she begins to shed tears.

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Surely, the emotional reunion touched the hearts of all the officers who were with them that day. It would be impossible to stand by and not experience the special moment or feel the love that these two shared.

Retired but not forgotten, Wangwang is certainly missed. More than a partner, a police K9 is a best friend. We hope that they get many more chances to visit with each other and that Wangwang enjoys her much-deserved retirement. Please feel free to share this heartwarming video with your friends.

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