German Shepherd Does Awesome Dog Tricks

“This cool dog is incredible and his owner has obviously spent a lot of time training him to do all these cool things”

German shepherds are super smart and with training, they can be taught to do many things. With dedication, the sky’s the limit because they also love to learn, which makes teaching them rewarding for both dog and owner.

As puppies, they can easily learn basic commands and then go on to quickly learn obedience skills.  But as they mature, they can also learn many more complex commands and amazing dog tricks, as this cool shepherd does.

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This dog is awesome and there seems to be no end to the incredible tricks he can do. His owner has obviously invested a lot of time into his training and it shows. He is super impressive and seems to perform his tricks easily, even though we know it took a lot of practice.

The dog obviously has a lot of confidence, which was probably instilled into him from a young age. Confident dogs enjoy their training and are more willing to try new things because they are secure and don’t have fears holding them back.

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One of the first tricks he does in the video is limp on his front paw. It looks like he’s really limping, too. If we didn’t know better, we’d think it was time for him to see the vet. But, it is thankfully, just an act. No injury at all.

Next, he shows off his athletic skills by catching a Frisbee. He can go long and wide and loves playing fetch. But there is more to this game than catching the disc and bringing it back to his owner.

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He works with his owners and incorporates basic obedience skills into their game. Using the disc as a lure, he heels, weaves, backs up, practices his contact heeling, and even uses it to jump over objects and stand on them.

The way he incorporates obedience into the stunts is incredible and he’s awesome at it. The dog’s confidence is off the charts, too. There seems to be no limit on what he can do and most likely he’s learning new tricks every day.

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In the video, he can sit pretty with a ball in his mouth, go in reverse, balance different objects on his nose, take a bow, clean up his toys and put them in his bucket, jump hurdles, dry himself off, fetch drinks from the refrigerator, and give hugs.

The dog is awesome and now we’re inspired to go out and teach our dogs some new tricks. We hope you are, too. Nothing can compare with spending some great quality time with a German shepherd. Please feel free to share with your friends.

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