Cute German Shepherd Plays Dead In The Most Dramatic Of Way

“This pup has raised the bar on performing this trick”

Teaching a German shepherd tricks is a great way to occupy their sharp minds and help keep them busy. But this dog goes the extra mile when she adds some dramatic flare to her act.

This adorable pup has some skills. She’s a fine performer who has mastered the dramatic arts. Not willing to simply settle when she performs her trick, she throws herself into it so that you can relieve what you’re seeing to be true.

YouTube Screenshot

Her Oscar-winning performance starts when her dad asks her, “Do you want a treat, Sam?” Sam obviously knows what treat means because dad instantly has her full attention. With a mini head tilt, she looks at him, waiting…

Then dad asks her to sit but Sam isn’t content to just put her rear end on the floor. No, this entertaining dog sits up, paws together. Waiting to be released, she lays down and looks at her human for the next command.

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It doesn’t take long and you hear dad say, “bang!” Oh, you’ll think, Sam is going to now play dead. Well yes, she does, but not the way you expect. There is no dropping frozen to the floor and done for this actress.

First Sam barks out in pain, then drops her booty to the floor. But she’s not finished yet. In the throes of death, she spins on her butt before she flings her body to the ground. She then spins around again. In the final moment of her performance, she finally stops moving, she’s truly playing dead now.

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Her enthusiasm for her tricks can’t be denied and she is a natural performer. They have worked on this trick many times, but the dog nails it. Like all brilliant actresses, she leaves us wanting more.

Sam is an adorable actress and we hope to get to see more of her. She certainly raises the bar on teaching dogs how to play dead. We hope you enjoyed watching her performance. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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