German Shepherd Tells His Owner That He Wants To Eat Lunch

“He may have just eaten breakfast, but this boy wants lunch and knows how to get it”

A hungry German shepherd has got to eat. And, this pup makes it clear to his owner that it’s lunchtime.

When Apollo the German shepherd gets hungry, he has no problem communicating that with his owner. The clever dog even shows him exactly where the good goes-which is right into his bowl, of course.

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As Apollo sits with his stainless-steel food dish in front of him, he looks up as if he’s wondering what’s taking so long to fill it. Then he begins to show his impatience by hitting the dish with his paw. His message is clear, “it’s lunchtime, Dad!”

As Apollo stares at his owner, tilting his head back and forth, his human food dispenser asks him some questions…

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“Can I help you with something?” He asks. “What can I do for you?” “What, what?” Apollo runs to him, “you know what I want,” he must be thinking. He couldn’t make it any clearer, even if he broke out in English.

As the pair stand in the kitchen and his owner points to the refrigerator and pantry asking Apollo if he’s hungry. Apollo clearly is starving near to death because each time his dad asks him if he wants food or if he’s hungry, he barks impatiently.

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His owner even questions Apollo, asking if he’s hungry since he just ate, it’s only midday, after all. Maybe the pooch is boredom eating? But Apollo points his nose at the pantry and when his owner opens it, he zeros in on his Vital Vault.

Apollo knows exactly where his yums are kept and he wants some poured into his bowl, right now. Lucky for him, it seems as if his owner is going to cave into his adorable demands. He actually couldn’t be any cuter.

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It’s safe to assume Apollo got lunch that day. And, it’s probably it was not the first time this clever dog got an extra meal. His dad is obviously wrapped around this boy’s paw and spoils him as much as possible.

But we think Apollo deserves an extra meal just for being so cute and smart. We hope you enjoyed this adorable video. But you better be careful not to play it in front of your pups or they’ll all be demanding lunch, in Apollo style. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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