German Shepherd And Soldier Dance During Tactical Training

“These two have taken their jobs very seriously and perform their moves with precision”

The tactical training of German shepherds is serious business. But these two manage to squeeze in some choreographed moves to blow off steam.

Advanced tactical training for German shepherds is hard work. These dogs are trained to perform in the high-stress environments of the military and law enforcement. The dogs must have nerves of steel and perform their job with precision.

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To protect their handlers and stay alive, the dogs must do what is asked of them, when it’s asked of them. This takes hours of training and dedication by their handlers and trainers. These K-9s are a vital part of the team and save lives every day.

But even tactical K-9s need to have a little fun. In this case, a solder and his K-9 partner are dancing to Por Una Cabeza during a tactical training exercise. The two are amazing and their performance just proves how in tune with each other they are.

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With precision, they move through their dance, just two loving partners dancing in the grass…but seriously, they are practicing their training moves and they are very impressive.

The soldier has 100% of his K-9’s attention and as they move in tandem, it’s clear they have trained many hours together. Their choreographed movements didn’t happen overnight, they are the result of hard work and dedication.

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Out in the field, they will protect each other, and all their hard work will pay off if they ever find themselves in a situation that calls for it. Hopefully, they will never be placed in danger, where they will have to protect each life but if they do, they’ll be ready.

We hope you enjoyed watching these two as they perform their maneuvers flawlessly. We admire all working K-9s, the military, and law enforcement for all they do to keep us safe. Please feel free to share with your friends.

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