Hilarious German Shepherd Protects Baby From The Sprinkler

“The dog is having the time of her life attacking the evil sprinkler”

What could be cuter than a baby playing in the grass with a German shepherd? How about a baby being protected from the big bad sprinkler by her dog?

Chloe is a lucky baby. She gets to grow up with an adorable German shepherd. With a German shepherd by her side, Chloe will always have a best friend nearby who will always have her back and be there for her.

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Just like in this video when Chloe innocently decides to touch the water that is spewing out of the sprinkler. As soon as her little hand touches the stream of water, her German shepherd springs into action to protect her from the spray of the water.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you get wet,” her dog seems to say as it delivers puppy kisses to Chloe’s cute cheeks.

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Then the shepherd proceeds to attack and excitedly bite at the water spraying out of the sprinkler, making sure Chloe doesn’t get wet. Chomp, chomp, chomp, you can hear her big shepherd teeth take a bite out of the water.

Is the shepherd protecting Chloe, taking one for the team, or having the time of her life? It’s hard to say as she gleefully attacks the water and zooms around the yard to the delight of her laughing family.

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As the pupper entertains, everyone is laughing at her crazy antics, including Chloe, who can’t stop smiling. The dog is hilarious and having the time of her life and getting soaked doing it.

Protecting and entertaining all in one swoop, this German shepherd has some skills. She is obviously a fun-loving sheppy who knows how to mix her job as child protector with some fun times!

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Biting at the water sparks some zoomies and soon she’s racing around the front yard. As she gets faster and faster, the more laughs she gets. The dog is enjoying every minute of her game.

She’s such a happy, funny, good girl and great bestie to little Chloe, who is a little too young to realize what a lucky girl she is. But the two will surely have many adventures and maybe one day the dog will even let Chloe play in the sprinklers, too. In the meantime, she’ll just have to watch her crazy pup protect and play in the sprinklers alone.

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We hope you enjoyed this adorable video. Too bad all kids are not lucky enough to be loved and adored by an amazing German shepherd like this one. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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