Rescued Dog Rushed To Save Her Owner’s Life When He Had A Stroke

“When he needed her most, the German shepherd he rescued ended up saving his life and now they’re finally together again”

When her owner needed her most, this German shepherd was there to save his life. And now, they’re celebrating the happiest reunion when he finally gets out of the hospital.

When Brian Meyers rescued his German shepherd, Sadie, he had no idea that the dog he saved would one day save him. But six years later, while home alone with Sadie, Meyers suffered a debilitating stroke.

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The fifty-nine-year-old Meyers started to get out of bed one day but collapsed instead. Sadie instantly knew something was wrong and ran to his side. Concerned, she kept Meyers alert and then drug him across the room to where his cell phone was sitting.

Myers was able to call for help due to the quick thinking of Sadie. He had held onto her collar, and with what strength he could muster, helped push himself and she drug him across the room to where he was eventually found.

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Meyers was transported to the hospital where he spent the next three weeks due to a stroke. As he slowly recovered, Sadie waited for her owner to return to her side. Finally, the day came that Meyers was wheeled through the sliding glass doors of the hospital.

And when he was, Sadie was there to greet him. Still suffering from some paralysis, he was reunited with the sweet German shepherd, who was over the moon to see him again. She jumped on him and kissed him, thrilled that he was okay and going home where he belonged.

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Meyers said he rescued Sadie after her previous owner abandoned her and now, she had saved his life. He would show her his gratitude for her saving his life by continuing to give her the best life possible and all the love she deserves.

A huge fan of rescue, Meyers encourages anyone who can open their home to a dog in need. In his case, this one saved his life, repaying him for his kindness countless times over.

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Sadie is such a good dog and deserves all the love and treats that she can get. We’re so glad this situation had a good outcome, and that Meyers was well enough to return home to his dog. We hope you enjoyed their reunion story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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