An Image Of Two German Shepherds Comforting Each Other Helps Them Find Their Forever Home

“These two shepherds shared an unbreakable bond and were just lucky enough to find forever together after being abandoned by their owner”

When times are rough, you turn to your best friend for support. This is exactly what these two adorable German shepherds did when their owner surrendered them to a high-kill shelter, citing they could no longer care for them.

The two dogs, Apollo and Adonis, were terrified. They didn’t understand why their lives were turned upset down or why their human family abandoned them. With no other place to turn, the two best friends tried to comfort each other.

While the dogs held each other tight, the shelter staff snapped pictures of the two dogs hugging each other. At the time, they were hoping they’d be able to find them a home together but had no idea the pictures of the bonded pair would go viral overnight.

It is hard to find homes for all the shelter dogs, let alone two large dogs. But these two had grown up together and it would be for the best if they could stay together. Thankfully, the viral photos paved the way.

The pictures were seen by a no-kill animal rescue group called A-Team Elite Rescue Dogs out of Long Island. They decided to pull the dogs. Once at the rescue, they were vetted and found to have heartworms, like so many neglected dogs do.

The pair started treatment and were taken care of medically. Then they were put up for adoption. As luck would have it, the cute dogs were noticed by Jennifer, who had even more rescue dogs at home.

Jennifer adopted Adonis and Apollo and took them home to her two-acre property and introduced them to her other animals. Now their doggy dreams came true because they are enjoying life in their new home side-by-side.

We’re so glad that the shelter was able to capture the hearts of these two cuties and share them with the world. Without those viral images, who knows what would have happened to them. But fate had other plans and happily, the friends were able to walk out of the shelter and into their new life together.

We wish the pups well in their new home. We’re sure they’re having a bunch of fun with their new human and canine family. As always, please feel free to share their sweet rescue story with your friends.

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