Two Hairless German Shepherd Puppies Find Their Forever Homes

“The puppies were born without fur but they still had huge German shepherd hearts with lots of love to give”

They were bald as armadillos when they were rescued and even though they will grow up looking different, they are big on heart and soul.

When dog foster Nichole went to the shelter to meet the two puppies, the rescue coordinator immediately showed her two naked German shepherd dogs. The dogs had no fluffy fur covering their wrinkly little bodies and were completely bald.

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At first, Nichole thought they had a form of non-contagious mange because “no dogs are born hairless.” She didn’t believe the shelter staff when told that they were born that way. But she was wrong because it turns out they had alopecia, not mange.

Alopecia: “congenital hypertrichosis is a condition where dogs experience the loss of their hair either at birth or just a few months old. This is due to a problem in the development of their hair follicles or them not having some or all the follicles where hair will typically grow from.”

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Despite their lack of hair, the puppies were adorable. She took them home and began to socialize them. At first, the puppies were scared but she taught them how to learn to accept new people and places, and soon they were less afraid, and their confidence grew.

When the puppies were finally put up for adoption, over 50 people applied for them. But one application stood out. A man named Tyler, who also has alopecia, applied to adopt one of the puppies.

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Sharing something in common with the pups, he felt like it was meant to be. When he met the puppy Xavier for the first time, the puppy melted his heart. They instantly bonded and soon the two were heading home together.

Next, Zander met his new family, who also seemed to be a perfect match. They had another German shepherd at home and wanted to welcome Zander to their family. The three hit it off and they took their “new baby” home.

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The pup’s foster mom shed a few tears when the dogs left her for good. It was due to her kindness that the puppies were socialized, experienced love, developed confidence, and found the perfect forever homes.

The cute puppies may not have fur but they have huge German shepherd hearts. They are the sweetest puppies and its heartwarming to see that their differences didn’t keep them from the great lives that they deserve.

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