Funny German Shepherd Reacts To Her Owner Talk About Cake, Pie, Cookies & Ice Cream

“Somebody give his hungry girl her desserts already-she can’t take much more”

Yummy desserts are serious business so don’t mess around with the treat talk or you get the sass!

Just like most people, Kyra the German shepherd is serious about desserts. Who can blame her? Treats are delicious and everyone enjoys their favorite yummy dessert whenever they can have it, even canines.

So, it’s really no surprise that the dramatic Kyra is reacting to her owner’s offer of treats. She must be starving, too. She’s collapsed on the floor and is covering her eyes as dad asks her what treats she wants to eat.

Video Screenshot

The video is hilarious and as dad lists off the goodies, Kyra moans and groans over the offer of yums. If her moans and groans are any indications, it seems like she can’t take much more of the sweet temptations….

Dad says,

Hey, Kyra, you want a cookie?

How about some ice cream?

Maybe a piece of cake?


Want some pie?

It sounds like you want all of it.

Video Screenshot

And she does sound like she wants to eat it all but maybe would be happy with just a bite of something, anything that her owner is offering her.

Kyra is getting impatient waiting for her goodies. Bring it on each moan seems to say. And who can blame her? She does want cookies, cake, pie, and ice cream. So, unfair that the magical treats have not yet appeared!

Bring them on, already. Seems like she’s even covering her eyes because the treats are clearly not on their way because her owner hasn’t made a move toward the kitchen. Poor Kyra, it’s hard to wait for dessert.

Video Screenshot

We’re with this dog. Life is too short to skip dessert. We hope you enjoyed her adorable video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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