Wolf VS German Shepherd Puppy

“The wolfdog looks so pleased with himself when he takes the puppy ‘down’”

They don’t call German shepherd puppies land sharks for nothing so when this one goes head to head with a wolf hybrid, their epic “battle” is adorable.

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In the ‘Ring’

Seven-year-old Smokey the Wolf is a 71% timber wolf, 29% malamute, and weighs 137 pounds VS ten-week-old Charlie the German Shepherd who weighs in at 20 pounds.

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Round 1:

Charlie is determined to dominate the big bad wolf and doesn’t know he should be afraid of the dog that is over six times his weight.

The two adorable pups wrestle on the ground with Charlie trying to take Smokey down. He has no qualms about biting Smokey or even standing on top of the gorgeous yet apparently very patient wolf dog.

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Round 2:

Smokey is resting in the sun while Charlie takes a little break in their pen. Has the puppy had enough? Nope, not even close, he comes back for more.

Only in this round, Smokey is giving the puppy a run for his money and takes down Charlie much to his own amusement. Smokey looks pretty pleased with himself but Charlie isn’t a bit concerned.

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The two of them continue their play fight and are both super cute. Surely, this is the beginning of a special friendship between the two dogs despite their playful banter.

Both these boys are already friends and will have many years of playful fun ahead of them. They are so cute, we just can’t get enough. We hope you enjoyed their video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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