Hilarious German Shepherd Reacts To Watching Himself On YouTube

“This pup is always entertaining, but this may be his best video yet”

Rocky the German shepherd is no stranger to the camera. He often finds himself on the receiving end of a video that is recording and he’s very entertaining.

With his good looks and stellar personality, the adorable Rocky is a delight to watch. With nearly 300 thousand fans subscribing to his popular YouTube channel, we’re not alone in how cool we think he is.

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Rocky’s videos are adorable, especially the one with his puppy friends. His dad also likes to prank Rocky on the regular. All his videos are super fun but this one here just may be the best yet.

One might wonder what Rocky thinks of his Internet stardom. Well, his human decided to see just how he would respond to seeing one of his funny videos.

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Rocky now knows what he looks like on camera and his response to himself is hilarious.

His human plays the video for Rocky, which involves dad acting silly on the couch while holding a giant stuffed husky and howling. In the video, Rocky responds to his human by howling back and making all sorts of humorous sounds.

Rocky is very vocal about the situation and he doesn’t seem all that pleased about the giant stuffed dog taking up space on his couch or the sounds his dad is making. He’s about had enough when finally, the stuffed animal is set aside.

But watching Rocky as he watches himself is hysterical. Does he remember making the video? Who knows. But one thing is clear, Rocky still has a lot to say about that day.

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In this one, Rocky gets his face as close as he can to his dad’s laptop and stares intently at the computer screen. He watches himself on screen with interest and listens to himself howl and complain at his dad.

But it gets even better because soon, Rocky starts tilting his head and vocalizing over his recorded vocalizations, and it’s super funny. He even howls and barks as he watches himself howl and bark on the original video.

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After a while, Rocky starts to moan at the video and lays his head down on the bed. Watching himself be this cute must be exhausting because it’s wearing Rocky out. Poor guy needs to rest after witnessing such stardom.

We hope you enjoyed his funny video. If you want to see more of Rocky, go subscribe to his YouTube channel. You won’t be disappointed. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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