German Shepherd Knows How To Use The Toilet

“This pup can take a potty break whenever she wants to”

Have you ever wished your German shepherd could take itself out to go potty? Imagine sleeping in a little longer or not having to take your dog out in the middle of the night, wouldn’t that be great?

Some people can sleep in by investing in a large doggy door. Of course, these doors can be great, but they also come with risks because if your German shepherd can fit through one, so can unwanted critters.

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For this reason, many people lock their dog door but that defeats the purpose of having one to be able to sleep in on occasion. And no self-respecting German shepherd is going to “go” in the house when you can get up and let them out and even join them.

From the time they are potty trained, German shepherds are very respectful of their home and will rarely have an accident unless they simply can’t get out, are sick, or are hurt. Which puts all the responsibility of letting them in and out on you.

Are there any other options?

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Of course, since German shepherds are so clever, there is another option. You can train them to use the toilet as this trainer did!

The dog’s owner wanted to challenge herself as a trainer so she taught her dog how to use the toilet inside of her own home and the dog nailed it.

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The pup walks into the bathroom, climbs on top of the toilet, squats, does her business, flushes, and then puts down the lid.

Her mom said, “Two-year-old female German shepherd uses the toilet and then closes lid and flushes. I taught her this trick myself to challenge myself as a dog trainer.”

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What a good, smart girl and a great idea. You know there are a lot of owners out there wondering if they should take their potty training up a notch.

Let us know if you try to teach your dog this trick. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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