Cute German Shepherd Walks 1.25 Miles Each Day To Deliver Lunch To His Dad

“This adorable pup could get a job with Door Dash”

This adorable German shepherd loves his owner so much that he delivers his lunch to him every day.

German shepherds are the most loyal dogs in the world and this one goes the extra mile, literally. Every day the adorable pup walks nearly one and a half miles to deliver his dad’s lunch to his office.

The clever pup walks down the road carrying a lunch pail. He even moves safely away from the side of the road when vehicles pass him by. But no worries, the dog is never truly alone on his journey.

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The dog named Sheru is more than cute and his sweet video has been viewed 16 million times since it was posted on Instagram and has over 1.7 million likes. He has lots of fans and is truly a bright spot on the internet.

It’s easy to see why, too. Sheru embodies all that is wonderful about German shepherds. The dog is devoted, hard-working, clever, and will do anything for his dad. He’s so cute and it’s impossible not to smile when you see him strolling down the road with his owner’s lunch dangling from his jaws.

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The video explains that the cute Sheru travels two kilometers to his dad’s office to deliver his lunch to him every day. Sheru must be highly trained to not only be safe on his journey but to be trustworthy with dad’s yummy lunch.

The blogger who shared the video explained to the Hindustan Times,
“Here in Himachal Pradesh, dogs are not kept in closed spaces and are encouraged to be outside as much as possible. Sheru has been trained since childhood and carries his dad’s lunch to him every day but has a family member with him to ensure safety.”

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As the dog moves with purpose down the road, it’s easy to see his sense of pride knowing that he’s on his way to please his dad. It’s truly heartwarming to watch the sweet pup doing his ‘job’ by bringing dad his lunch.

After that long walk, we sure hope there is a treat for Sheru in the lunch box. We hope you enjoyed this adorable video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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