Service Dog Who Is A Little Extra, Hilariously Fails His Service Dog Training

“What do you think Ryker’s dream job would be because it’s clearly not a service dog lol”

German shepherds are the smartest, most hardworking dogs in the world. They perform many jobs in law enforcement, the military, and as service dogs.

Most take their title of ‘working dog’ very seriously and can be trained to perform many tasks flawlessly. But sometimes, their exuberance can take them to unexpected places.

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Take this hilarious dog named Ryker, for example. Ryker is being trained to be a service dog, but he adds a little something extra to every task he is trying to learn and the outcome is hysterical.

If Ryker could be graded on effort, he’d get an A+ for sure. But despite how hard he tries to meet the standards of a service dog, he can’t help but inject a lot of his huge quest for fun into his training.

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The dog is unstoppable in the most hilarious way. He’s a good boy and tries but seems to have been built for speed rather than need. He is all about fun and doesn’t seem to have much interest in the serious side of service dog training.

The caption on the academy’s training video even reads, “Every dog has a purpose, clearly Ryker’s purpose is not to be a service dog.” 

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In the video, Ryker was being trained by the Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s not hard to see why it was obvious to his trainers that Ryker has not been called to be a service dog.

Ryker is a super dog, but he does have a little extra exuberance for the joys of life, like chasing balls, attacking wheelchairs, snatching water bottles, dragging people to the floor, and leaping through the air with the grace of a freight train.

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Ryker’s training video is so funny, and we hope the sweet pup found his dream job. Perhaps testing balls at the Kong factory or something like that. His zest for life is clear and he’s obviously a happy pup.

We hope you enjoyed Ryker’s hilarious video. What do you think his dream job would be? Please share his funny video with your friends.

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